Siser & River City launch Siser Twinkle

Siser & River City launch Siser Twinkle

Twinkle is a brand-new type of glimmering HTV by Siser®. While our Glitter HTV has a textured feel, the new Twinkle HTV contains embedded flakes that result in a smooth finish.

Additionally, Twinkle’s flakes have reective properties that give off a unique shine when exposed to direct light similarly to our EasyReective® line.

Twinkle will initially launch in 5 colors with more to follow later in 2020.

River City Supply launches

River City Supply launches

Need help preparing your art to make it print ready? Don’t have time to separate out a job because you are too busy printing? Let us help!

River City Supply has launched and now offers art services to assist our customers create professional print-ready artwork. We offer high-end simulated process, 4-color process, halftone outputs, vector art, digitizing, and preparing files for your Direct to Garment. Simply create an online account, upload your artwork, select how you want the job set up and the time that you need the file. We will take it from there.

Simple as that!

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River City is now a ROQ distributor

River City is now a ROQ distributor

A screen printing machine must be robust, fast, reliable and precise. The ROQprint You is all of that and more. It is a performer.
Elegant, the ROQprint You draws its strengths from the clever engineering applied on to it by ROQ. This screen printing machine uses top quality materials and best practices during its production. Innovating many times the processes and technics ROQ has improved the quality of its screen printing machines for over 3 decades now. Today the aim is the same that it was in the beginning as S. Roque. to create, produce and deliver top quality machines that last for decades.

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