ICC Chemicals

ICC Chemicals

In the fall of 1977, the men of Intercontinental Chemical Corporation stepped onto the SPA trade show floor at the Disneyland Hotel in Anaheim, California. That event would forever change the company  but also the industry they were about to encounter for the first time.

ICC began a lifelong education into the world of screen printing. This education has lead ICC Chemicals to develop some of the most innovative and cost effective screen cleaning and reclaiming products still known throughout the world today.

Never shying away from being considered the most expensive chemistry per gallon, founder, Albert Cord demanded of his staff that if a product were to be the most expensive to purchase, it must also be the most effective and inexpensive to use. “More expensive by the gallon, cheaper by the screen,” is what he often used to say.

Since those early days, ICC has remained an innovator of specialty cleaners, customized equipment and unique application processes.

ICC will continue to develop the solutions their customers seek, never shying away from the price per gallon, always ensuring the unparalleled effectiveness and efficiency per screen.

Premium Ingredients = Premium Solutions


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