Murakami Screen

Murakami Screen

Murakami was established in 1965 and has been contributing to the growth and development of the screen printing industry ever since. Our dedication to research and development, manufacturing of photo-sensitive materials, manufacturing of screens for the trade, and the sale of other screen printing related products, has elevated Murakami to the forefront of the screen printing manufacturing and supply market place


Murakami is unique, in that, not only do we manufacture high quality stencils for the electronics trade, but we also develop and manufacture high resolution emulsions and films. The advantages of speed and cost have made Murakami famous for precise screen making in Japan. Our companies are also distributing virtually all of the supplies and equipment related to screen printing. We are able to offer each client dedicated and reliable service because of our historically accumulated data base and technological expertise.


Murakami is ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 Certified.


The Murakami Group is able to provide and service any and all demands for stencil making and related products by having 15 locations in five countries. The corner stone of Murakami’s success is the commitment to extensive research and development of Photo Sensitive Emulsions, pursuing the challenges of producing screens with finer lines and spacing, and providing the finest quality mesh. This allows us to respond to the variety of needs and requests from for any type of screen printing. These technical advantages along with the Murakami Group Network and sales capability are great sources of strength.


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