Sprayway 945 Silicone Spray


Sprayway 945 Silicone Spray works great for wet-on-wet printing. Simply apply the silicone spray to the underside of the screen before registering your job on the press. The silicone spray will help prevent buildup on the underside of the screen by preventing the ink from adhering to the screen. Silicone Spray is colorless, non-staining, waxless and heat stable; unaffected by temperatures ranging from -40°C (-40°F) to over 200°C (392°F). This friction reducer results in speedier clean-up of parts and equipment and increased production through cleaner job processing. It remains dry and is non-staining. No. 946 complies with FDA regulations applicable to the food packaging/food processing industry. Use as a lubricant, release agent, water repellent, protective coating and polish. For use on equipment such as: ovens, freezers, conveyors, belts and chutes. The No. 946 may be used on food processing equipment as a protective anti-rust film, as a release agent on gaskets or seals of tank closures and as a lubricant for machine parts and equipment in locations with exposure of the lubricated part to food.



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  • Regular use makes everything move easier for sewing trades and industrial maintenance personnel
  • Stops sticking and binding; protects equipment
  • Reduces friction; speeds cleanup of parts and equipment; increases production, reduces downtime
  • Speeds fabric flow
  • Remains dry; non-staining
  • FDA approval; can be used in food processing factories and kitchen areas

Technical Specifications

  • Size 20 oz. can
  • Net Weight 11 oz.
  • Units/Pack 12 cans


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