Screen Exchange Program 20″x24” Manual Aluminum Frame

River City Graphic Supply

Screen restretching program. Ship us your old blank frames and, we will send you back remeshed aluminum frames.


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  • Complete your online order before shipping the frames, so we know they are your frames, and what mesh you want on them.
  • Write your name on your box, or drop a copy of the online receipt in the box so we know it is your order.
  • ALUMINUM FRAMES ONLY. We do not stretch wood frames, because they have a tendency to warp.
  • 20″x24″ & 23″x31″ ONLY!  We are only stretching standard size frames.
  • Your frames must be clean. Remove all the ink and tape from the frame and screen. (screens covered in ink will result in an extra cleaning charge)
  • You can leave the mesh on the frame with or without emulsion, and we will remove that no charge.
  • Once we have received your frames, we will ship back similar condition frames with your mesh selection. Free return shipping will apply on online received orders totaling over $100.00.

Ship or bring your old frames to:

River City Graphic Supply
9311 Metric Blvd
Unit B
Austin, Texas 78758

Note:  You may not always get your exact frames back,  we keep a good inventory of remeshed frames ready to go so we can have faster shipping times.  We will send back frames though that are in similar physical condition.

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