Murakami Tension Meter


The Murakami Tension Meter is essential equipment if you stretch or retension your screens.  This highly accurate tension meter is capable of recording tensions up to 60 newtons. Optimum tension levels are the key obtaining the maximum performance of the mesh:



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Place the tension meter on the included glass plate. Turn the dial face until the needle indicates zero. Gently place the meter on to stretched fabric in the direction of the warp or weft. Note the reading. Turn the meter ninty degrees and measure the other direction. The readings of both should be the same. Repeat several times to see that the tension is consistent.


  • Measures tension within the screen mesh as it is being stretched.
  • Accurately balance tension levels in mesh library.
  • Achieving manufacturer s recommended tension levels across entire set improves registration, allows lower off contact, less wear on emulsion and mesh, and better print results.

NOTE: If you are using a stretcher with an open center, it is advisable to put a net beneath in case the fabric rips.

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