Chromaline ProCap 30 Diazo Capillary Film – Precision Meets Durability


Introducing Chromaline ProCap 30 Diazo Capillary Film – The Epitome of Screen Printing Excellence

When it comes to achieving high-quality, precise screen printing results, your choice of capillary film can make all the difference. Enter Chromaline ProCap 18 Diazo Capillary Film, a pre-sensitized diazo capillary film designed to cater to the exacting needs of screen printers. With its versatility, durability, and exceptional detail, ProCap 15 is the ultimate solution for demanding print runs and intricate designs.



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Chromaline ProCap 30 Diazo Capillary Film Key Features:

Compatible with Plastisol and Solvent-Based Inks: Chromaline Pro/Cap is engineered to work seamlessly with both plastisol and solvent-based inks. This versatility ensures that it can meet the demands of a wide range of screen printing projects, making it a valuable addition to your toolkit.

Workhorse Durability: Designed to withstand the rigors of demanding print runs, Chromaline Pro/Cap is the reliable workhorse you can count on. It delivers consistent performance, even during extended production cycles, ensuring your prints maintain their quality throughout.

High Detail and Halftones: Chromaline Pro/Cap excels in capturing intricate details and halftones with precision. With a 380+ mesh count, it’s capable of producing fine graphics and halftones of 65+ lines per inch (lpi), making it ideal for projects that require exceptional clarity and sharpness.

Versatility in Options: Chromaline Pro/Cap capillary films are available in various mesh counts to cater to different printing needs:

  • Pro/Cap 18: Perfect for detailed artwork and 65+ lpi halftones.
  • Pro/Cap 25: Ideal for 65 lpi halftones and fine graphics.
  • Pro/Cap 30: Designed for 55 lpi halftones and UV ink flood coats.
  • Pro/Cap 38: Suited for simple designs, name-drops, and underbases.
  • Pro/Cap 50: Bold graphics, athletic numbers, and underbases are a breeze with this option.

Elevate Your Screen Printing: Chromaline Pro/Cap Diazo Capillary Film is the go-to choice for screen makers who demand high-edge definition, reliability, and durability for quality imaging, even in the most extended print runs. Whether you’re working on intricate designs or bold graphics, Pro/Cap delivers unmatched results that exceed your expectations.

Invest in the epitome of screen printing excellence – Chromaline Pro/Cap Diazo Capillary Film. Elevate your craft, achieve intricate detail, and bring your designs to life with the utmost precision and clarity. Take your screen printing to the next level with Pro/Cap, where every print is a masterpiece.

Technical Specifications

Pre-sensitized diazo capillary film from Chromaline is designed for compatibility with plastisol and solvent based inks. Printers will appreciate its “workhorse” durability for demanding print runs, and its “user friendly” convenience. In addition to the normal benefits of a capillary film, Pro/Cap provides these extra advantages:

  • Superior film penetration and adhesion
  • Economically Priced Pro/Cap

capillary films are recommended for screen makers demanding high edge definition and reliable durability for quality imaging in even the longest print runs. Available in both rolls and custom cut sheets.


  • Exposure unit
  • Washout sink
  • Clean work area


  • Drying cabinet
  • Pressure washer
  • Exposure Calculator


DEGREASE – Using a mesh degreaser, work up a lather on both sides of mesh. (Be sure to use only a high-quality mesh degreaser.  Rinse thoroughly.

WET – Capillary films require a thoroughly wet screen. With the screen in a vertical position, paint Chroma/Wet wetting agent onto the print side of the screen. (Use a separate brush just for this step.) Wait a moment, then flood entire screen with a garden type hose.

ROLL-DOWN – Cut the film to size and roll it up, emulsion side out. Reflood the screen with water and attach the roll of film to the top of the print side of the screen. With slight pressure roll the film down until the entire piece is in contact with the mesh. Use a window squeegee to remove excess water from squeegee side only.

DRY– Thoroughly dry the screen in a dark area (avoid high temperatures of 110 degrees F, 43 degrees C, and up). Remove the carrier just before exposing. If the carrier resists being pulled off, additional drying time is needed.

EXPOSE – With polyester carrier peeled off, place the emulsion side of the positive against the print side of the screen in an exposure frame. Run an exposure test to determine your correct exposure.

DEVELOP – Gently spray both sides of the screen with tepid water. Wait approximately 30 to 60 seconds, then wash the print side of the screen until the image is fully open. Rinse both sides thoroughly. Dry the screen completely, and you are ready to print.

RECLAIM – Apply emulsion remover to both sides of screen. Scrub with a stiff nylon brush to ensure entire surface is wet and let it work for 30 to 60 seconds. Pressure wash out.

EXPOSURE GUIDELINES – Exposure times were determined by using an Exposure Calculator. Exposure times were set for a 5KW unit at 40″ from the frame. All screen mesh was yellow in color. Screens were coated wet on wet, once on print side and twice on squeegee side. Chromaline recommends use of an exposure calculator for correct times for your equipment. These figures are only a guide.

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