Easiway EasiSolv 500 Emulsion Remover 1:30 Concentrate

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EasiSolv™ 500 Stencil Remover Concentrate is a revolutionary, liquid, emulsion remover concentrate which is engineered to quickly and aggressively dissolve all direct emulsions, capillary and high density films with ease. Mixes with water up to 1:25. This is the lowest cost emulsion remover on the market and the only concentrate which ships as non hazardous.




EasiSolv 500 Stencil Remover Concentrate Special Features:

  • Does not ship as a hazardous commodity, reducing shipping and storage hazards and expense.
  • Is the most flexible concentrate in the industry. It can be mixed at ratios from 1 part EasiSolv 500 to 50 parts water, down to 1 part EasiSolv 500 to 10 parts water, which provides the ultimate in reclaiming economy.
  • Is work place approved, which allows compliance with the strictest standards for employee exposure, air emissions and effluent disposal.
  • Is packed with additives, enabling the product to penetrate the toughest, water resistant and work hardened emulsions and films.
  • Degreases as it dissolves stencils, eliminating the additional step and expense of degreasing chemicals.
  • May be easily used in a dip tank, as a one step ink and emulsion remover adding substantial economy to the screen reclaiming process.
  • Dissolves readily with water, requiring no mixing, which makes dilution simple and fast.


Technical Specifications

EasiSolv 500 Stencil Remover Concentrate Application:

  • Application for use in a dip tank:
  • Mix EasiSolv 500 at a ratio of 1:10 with water in a plastic tank.
  • Scrape excess ink from screen.
  • Place screen in dip tank.
  • Let soak in tank until the emulsion/film loosens from screen, usually just a couple of minutes.
  • High pressure rinse screen, then flood rinse.
  • If stubborn stains remain, apply an EasiWay Systems, Inc. approved stain remover, scrub and flood rinse.

Application for manual use:

  • Mix EasiSolv 500 from 1:10 up to 1:50 with water.
  • Apply EasiSolv 500 by brush, wipe, scrub pad or spray to both sides of emulsion/film, after ink has been removed.
  • High pressure rinse both sides of the screen.
  • Flood rinse entire screen with low pressure rinse from the top to remove any debris, splash back and chemical residue.
  • If stubborn stains remain, apply an EasiWay Systems, Inc. approved stain remover and high pressure rinse.


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