Murakami Emulsion Hardener (B) Two Part Hardener



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Murakami Emulsion Hardener (B) Two Part Hardener For Waterbase & Discharge Ink – Quart

Murakami Hardener A & B is designed to chemically extend the water base and discharge ink resistance of Murakami Direct Emulsions and Capillary Film.

Note: This will make your screen almost impossible to reclaim.

Technical Specifications

How To Use:
  • Completely process stencils. Make sure stencils are dry. Inspect and touch up screen as necessary.
  • Mix Part A and Part B components at a 1:1 ratio. Do not add water. Mix what you need on a weekly basis.
  • Apply Hardener A&B to the screen using a sponge, soft cloth, or a spray bottle.  Completely dry screen after hardener is applied.
  • Inspect screen to see if any hardener has dried into the image area.  Rinse with tap water to remove any Hardener residue. Allow screen to dry.


  • The use of waterproof gloves and protective eyewear are recommended when using Hardener A&B.
  • Do not thin Hardener A&B with either water or solvent. Use as is in order to maximize it’s effect.



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