ICC 8470 D-solv-ER Emulsion Remover

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ICC D-solv-ER™ removes all types of diazo, photopolymer and capillary film emulsions. After ink has been removed from screen, apply ICC 8470 to one side of the screen and allow to dwell at least 15 seconds or until emulsion breaks down. Rinse screen with high pressure water to remove emulsion residue.



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Benefits and Advantages of D-solv-ER™ 8470:

  • The industry’s first non-hazardous granule emulsion remover concentrate.  Just add water!
  • Safer to ship, store and use.
  • Completely drain-safe.
  • Pre-measured granular mix, provides consistent mixture.
  • No Hazardous shipping restrictions.
  • Excellent performance on all emulsion types.
  • Will not dry out in your screen if you walk off for a while.

How ICC Synergy Saves You Time and Money

  • Fast acting, saving you dwell time.
  • Non-caustic formulas help make ICC a safe choice.
  • Drain safe for sewer systems, preferred by regulatory agencies.
  • Optimum concentrations, so you use far less than other chemicals.
  • Low VOCs to benefit your employees and the environment.
  • Backed by toll-free Customer Service and Technical Support.

With ICC’s screen printing products and process, using our customer’s screens, we’ve shown savings of 30% – 50% in chemical consumption and an average of 25% reduction in reclaim labor costs. We based this on our Comparative Cost Analysis; which compares consumption, price, and screens cleaned. Given the opportunity, we will lower your annual costs in the reclamation department.

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