ICC 937 Emulsion Remover 1:1 Concentrate

ICC Chemicals

2 ounce bottles of concentrate. (When properly mixed each bottle yields 1 gallon of ready-to-use emulsion remover; or 6 gallons total in the kit)



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Mixing Instructions:

  • Obtain clean, plastic 1-gallon container with re-sealable closure that can secure contents.
  • Fill Container to 1 gallon with tap water.
  • Open one ICC 937 oblong plastic bottle and pour into water of the 1 gallon container.
  • Tighten cap securely.
  • Make sure the Ready-to-use ICC 937 label is readable.
  • Write mix date and name of person who mixed product onto lower left panel of label.
  • Apply label to filled 1 gallon container
  • Rock container side to side for about 2 minutes or until contents are completely dissolved.
  • Ready-to-use ICC 937 is now ready for use.

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