ICC 931 Ink Degradent


This product removes ink from the screen without harming your emulsion. For Use With These Emulsions: Capillary Film Diazo Dual-Cure Pure Photopolymer For Use With These Inks: Plastisol Nylon




Benefits and Advantages of ICC 931:

  • Components used to make up this product keeps pricing low
  • Water-driven formulation is friendly to employees and the environment.
  • Drain safe for your sewer line: won’t clog or contribute to pollution.
  • Low odor provides a happier work environment.

How ICC Synergy Saves You Time and Money

  • Fast acting, saving you dwell time.
  • Non-caustic formulas help make ICC a safe choice.
  • Drain safe for sewer systems, preferred by regulatory agencies.
  • Optimum concentrations, so you use far less than other chemicals.
  • Low VOCs to benefit your employees and the environment.
  • Backed by toll-free Customer Service and Technical Support.

With ICC’s screen printing products and process, using our customer’s screens, we’ve shown savings of 30% – 50% in chemical consumption and an average of 25% reduction in reclaim labor costs. We based this on our Comparative Cost Analysis; which compares consumption, price, and screens cleaned. Given the opportunity, we will lower your annual costs in the reclamation department.

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