Printers Choice Eco Wash (Part A) For use with automatic reclamation systems

Printer Choice

Printers Choice Eco Wash Part A is a water soluble screen wash formulated to break-down UV, Plastisol, and Water-Based inks. Eco Wash is an effective haze remover used for the removal of stubborn cured ink stains (ghost/image). Printers Choice Eco Wash Part A can be combined with Printers Choice Part “B” to make a highly stable, 2-in-1 Ink and Emulsion remover solution which is ideal for automated reclaiming systems.

MANUALLY: Card excessive ink from the screen. Spray or apply manually to the ink side of the screen. Scrub both sides of the screen and allow the product to penetrate. Starting at the bottom of the screen, rinse off all residue with high pressure water.

STAIN REMOVER: Remove the ink and emulsion from the screen. Apply to both sides of the screen. Scrub both sides of the screen and allow product to penetrate 1-3 minutes. High pressure wash both sides of the screen.




  • Size: 55 Gallon Drum
  • Printers Choice Eco Wash is a non foaming product so it works great in automatic reclamation systems.
  • Printers Choice Eco Wash ships on a pallet via LTL Carrier; so allow extra time for delivery

Technical Specifications

Printers Choice 2N1 is a two-part system used for automatic reclamation systems.  Mix Printers Choice part A & B with water to make a reclaiming solution.

Standard Dilution:

  • 30.00% Part A (30 gallons)
  • 00.25% Part B (1 quart)
  • 69.75% Water (69.75 gallons)

Shipping Weight: 500 lbs.


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