Printers Choice Ink Degradent

Printers Choice

Printers Choice Ink Degradent is a water soluble screen wash designed for the removal of all inks, including plastisol and UV inks. Printers Choice Ink Degradent works especially well on tough inks such as water base, vinyl, epoxy and enamels. Printers Choice Ink Degradent can also be used for the removal of stubborn cured ink stains (ghost / image).




Technical Specifications

MANUALLY: Card excessive ink from the screen. Printers Choice Ink Degradent can be continuously re-circulated until product becomes too heavily soiled with solids. Used product may be filtered and reused.

CURED INK REMOVER (STAIN): Remove the ink and emulsion from the screen. Spray or apply manually to both sides of the screen. Scrub both sides of screen with a non-abrasive brush or pad. Allow product to remain on the screen for a minimum of 3 minutes. Starting at the bottom of the screen, high pressure water rinse both sides of the screen. *Dispose of in accordance with state, local and federal regulations. Check with your local sanitation district regarding limitations on inks that are to be rinsed into the drain.


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