Action Engineering Standard Honeycomb Pallets for ROQ

ROQ standard pallets are made out of an ultra-light honeycomb aluminum (.465″). These pallets will come standard without rubber. Our pallets are fit tested before being pressed onto the pallet – this way we know that the pallets are a perfect fit on your machine. We also bevel the underside of the pallet and power brush the bracket edges for a smooth finish. All Honeycomb pallets are made to order. Lead time varies between 5 – 7 business days and can take up to 14 depending on the production workload. Non – Stock sizes are not returnable.

ROQ honeycomb aluminum pallets feature the “Loq n’ Roq” quick release and clamp pallet system and are specially built to withstand the heat and production strain of screen printing process. These light weight pallets are industry leading for strength and durability and allow the press to perform at its full potential.


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Through the years, Action Engineering have been able to apply new techniques to increase the quality and efficiency of our standard pallets. We have mechanized our lamination processes to ensure consistent quality across all pallets. Additionally, we carefully inspect and grade our materials to ensure that we meet industry standards.

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