Mimaki SS21 440cc & 220cc Solvent Ink Cartridges


Mimaki SS21 440cc Solvent Ink Cartridge

Compatible with Mimaki JV33 / CJV30 / CJV150 / CJV300 / JV150 / JV300




Colors Available in 440cc Cartridges

  • Cyan  SPC-0501C-3
  • Magenta  SPC-0501M-2
  • Yellow  SPC-0501Y
  • Black   SPC-0501K-2
  • Light Cyan   SPC-0501LC-3
  • Light Magenta  SPC-0501LM-2
  • Light Black  SPC-0501LB
  • Orange  SPC-0501Or-2

Please confirm you are selecting the correct color and cartridge for your color system before submitting your order

You can find the Cartridges for SPC-0504 White and Silver in the 220cc cartridge section

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