Mimaki TS30-1300: Wide Format Dye Sublimation Printer


The TS30-1300 printer is a 54-inch wide, dedicated transfer model that is ideal for first-time users or design shops producing short-run pieces, samples and custom work for transfer to textiles or hard surfaces. It is an entry-level model well-suited to just-as-needed production of apparel prototypes and custom goods. Without a heater and take-up device, the printer features only those functions needed for sublimation transfer printing, making it easy to operate.

River City Supply only installs and supports Mimaki printers in our geographic region of Central Texas.  Install and training on the the machine are not included.


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Mimaki TS30-1300 Go Beyond Conventional
  • Easy-to-operate entry-level model
  • Dedicated transfer paper printer
  • 53.6-inch (1361 mm) print width; 54-inch (1371 mm) media width
  • Produces vibrant colors with Sb54 dye sublimation inks
  • Fluorescent Ink configurations available
    • 4 color: Bl, M, Y, K
    • 6 color: Bl, M, Y, K, Lbl, Lm
    • 4 color + FyFp: Bl, M, Y, K, Fy, Fp
    • 6 color + FyFp: Bl, M, Y, K, Lbl, Lm, Fy, Fp
  • Print speeds of up to 211 SqFt/hr (19.6 SqM/hr)
  • Variable dot printing for exceptional image quality
  • MAPS for smooth images
  • Uninterrupted Ink Supply System (UISS) for improved productivity in 4 color mode
Easy-to-operate entry-level model

The TS30 printer features a selected set of functions designed for ease-of-use, even for novice users. The printer is bundled with Mimaki RasterLink6 RIP software, for a quick start immediately after installation.

Just-as-needed production

This 54-inch model gives designers and print shops the ability to produce only what’s necessary without the need to subcontract, enabling them to maintain control of the quality and timeline throughout the printing-transfer-finishing process – as well as the entire revenue stream. It uses economical Mimaki Sb54 dye sublimation inks in a four-color ink set with print speeds of up to 211 square feet (19.6 square meters) per hour.

High image quality

The TS30 printer utilizes variable dot imaging along with Mimaki Advanced Pass System, which applies ink in gradations over several passes using a blending mask pattern. The symmetrical printhead nozzle arrangement facilitates an identical ink color sequence in both printing directions to achieve high quality printing.

Sublimation transfer printing enhances product presentation

Sublimation transfer technology can be used in a range of applications from soft goods to hard surface decoration.

Vibrant Sb54 inks

Mimaki original Sb54 dye sublimation inks produce vibrant colors with reliable jettability.

What you can do with the Mimaki TS30-1300 Printer
  • Sample textile production
  • Custom fashions
  • Team performance wear
  • Backlit fabric signage
  • Exhibit graphics
  • Banners
  • Flags
  • Interior décor
  • Hard surface decoration
  • and more…

Print system

  • On-demand piezo, one head (1440 nozzles) per color

Max media width

  • 53.9 inches (1371 mm)

Max print width

  • 53.6 inches (1361 mm)

Printing resolutions

  • 540, 720, 1080 dpi

Max print speed

  • 211 SqFt/Hr (19.6 SqM/Hr) in four-color Draft mode

Ink type

  • Mimaki Sb54 dye sublimation ink: Bl, M, Y, K, LBl, Lm, FloP, FloY

Ink capacity

  • Standard: 440 ml cartridges
  • Optional: bulk ink system for use with 2 liter bottles

Max roll weight

  • 55 lbs. (25 kg)

Operational environment

  • Temp: 68˚ – 86˚ F (20˚ – 30˚ C)
  • 35-65% RH (non-condensing)


  • USB 2.0

Power supply

  • Single-phase AC 100-120V (AC 220-240V

Dimensions (W x D x H)

  • 90 x 29 x 56 inches (229 x 74 x 142 cm)


  • 319 lbs. (145 kg)

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