Ultra Strip 3000-60 12.5″x19” Hot Peel Paper

Burkardt Freeman, Inc.

ULTRA STRIP 3000-60 is a coated, hot peel paper with which the screen printer can obtain complete plastisol ink release at the time of transfer, yet still maintain the hot-peel “look.” It utilizes the most advanced coating chemistry and is extremely dimensionally stable. Adhesive powders do not stick to the surface. Excellent opacity is obtained with white Plastisol transfers onto black tee-shirts.



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Hot Peel paper recommended for use with all hot peel plastisol inks. When gelled and applied properly, UltraStrip 3000 will give a 99% release. Hands down the best hot peel transfer paper on the market.

Coated on 1 side only.

Technical Specifications

  • Size: 12.5″x19″
  • Adhesive: Gray Tint
  • Grain: Short
  • Print Side: Up
  • Count: 100 or 500 Sheets



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