Monarch Vivid LB Plastisol Inks


VIVID LB colors are a non-phthalate, lead free, High Opacity, bright, high performance colors that have excellent coverage on dark garments. The low tack formula allows printing through finer mesh counts without the use of viscosity modifier. VIVID LB Colors perform well on both automatic and manual presses. Substrate: Polyester Blend, Tri-Blends, Poly/Cotton, and Cotton

*Please note, whenever printing on a material with a waterproof coating, CLA-100 should be added to the ink to ensure proper adhesion. We always recommend doing a wash test prior to production.



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  • Creamy, short body plastisol.
  • User Friendly, no viscosity modifiers necessary.
  • Formulated to be non-phthalate.
  • Fast Flash
  • High Opacity and great coverage.
  •  Good Bleed resistance
  • No under base needed on most colors.

Technical Specifications

Physical Properties: Wet Ink Tack Low
Surface Appearance Satin Finish
Bleed Resistance Good
Opacity High
Gel point 160 °F
Flash Temp 240° – 260°F
Fusion Temp 320° F
Squeegee Blade 70° – 80° durometer
Mesh Count 86 – 300 mc in

Print VIVID LB Colors straight from the container through mesh ranging from 86 to 300 mc without modifications of the viscosity. Use finer mesh counts for softest hand and good opacity. Stir ink before use.

Storage and Handling: 65°F to 95°F avoid direct sunlight. Never exceed temperatures above 95°F during storage.


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