Printers Choice Extreme White Non-Phthalate, High Opacity Plastisol Ink for 100% Cotton

Printers Choice

Printers Choice Extreme White Plastisol has a super-smooth, creamy texture. Extreme White plastisol ink makes printing easy, offering good bleed resistance on cotton-blend fabrics, fast flash for increased efficiency and excellent opacity through fine meshes. Use less ink to get the job done.  Printers Choice Extreme White also delivers a fiber-lock matte finish on color overprints. Use on 100% cotton only. Extreme White is super smooth, and has a creamy texture/viscosity.  Extreme can be used with mesh up to 300/tpi and has good bleed resistance with no odor. The Printers Choice Phthalate Compliant High Opacity series of plastisol inks are ready to use mixing inks. These inks are economically priced and easy to use. These plastisol inks are formulated to be used right out of the bucket for wet-on-wet production and provides extremely low build up.




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  • Super smooth, creamy texture and viscosity
  • Fast flashing
  • Prints through fine meshes
  • Use as a first-down, under base flash white or an overprint stand-alone white
  • Superior ink flow properties. Flows easily from the bucket and in the screen printing operation. Speed up production without losing definition
  • Good bleed resistance
  • Odorless
  • Competitively priced for a top-value ink

Technical Specifications

Application & Storage Information:

Recommended Fabrics: Light colored 100% cotton or cotton/polyester blends. Use an underbase for printing dark fabrics.
Ink Application: Colors should be printed without any modifications. If thinning is required, use Curable Reducer (1% to 5% by volume).
Screen Mesh & Emulsion: 110 to 305
Emulsion:  Any direct or indirect lacquer resistant emulsion. Use 35 to 70 micron capillary film for best results.
Squeegee: 60-70 Durometer: Sharp Edge 60-90-60 or 70-90-70 Triple Durometer: Sharp Edge
Cure Temperature: 325 Degrees for a minute to a minute and half.  Entire ink film. Test dryer temperatures and wash test printed product before and during a production run.
Clean-up: Screen Wash 147 or any environmentally friendly plastisol screen wash.
Storage of ink containers: Recommend storage at 65F to 90F (18C to 32C). Avoid storage in direct sunlight. Keep containers well sealed.


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