Printers Choice Metallic Bobcat Gold Non-Phalate Plastisol Inks

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Printers Choice Metallic inks are specially formulated plastisol inks that are non-phthalate. Printers Choice Silver and Gold metallics add special effects to garment designs and can be used to enhance graphics or can be used as a unique stand-alone product. The Printers Choice Silver and Gold Metallics give maximum coverage on dark fabrics, producing a dramatic glitter effect with excellent wash durability.



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  • Specially formulated as a brilliant glitter effect, great for small or large area enhancement for graphics.
  • Excellent stretch properties.
  • Can be used on light or dark backgrounds (when printing on colors an underbase is recommended)
  • Will not tarnish.
  • Matte finish.
  • Wet-on-wet printing.
  • Short flash times, lower cure temperature.

Note: Metallics reflect heat and can take longer to cure.  We recommend raising the heat and slowing the belt with these inks, and always test to make sure it is cured all the way through.

Technical Specifications


  • Fashion designs, unusual effects
  • 60-125 Mesh Counts
  • Recommended to be printed on light, medium, and dark color textiles of cotton or cotton/polyester blends


  • Broad line of special effects
  • plastisol inks
  • Easy printing on manual or automatic equipment
  • Creamy consistency and clean release from the screen.

The SE series Special Effects plastisol inks are and extensive line of “looks” which include metallics, glitters, fluorescents, process colors, and holographic inks.

Below is a short description of the most popular inks. The possibilities are endless. For further information or technical assistance contact Inktek or your local distributor.


  • There are 2 standard non-tarnishing metallics available as follows: SE904 Gold and SE909 Platinum.
  • These metallics will cover lights or darks without under printing. Other colors may be available upon request.


  • Eight colors are offered in two series, HO and HS. Refer to current Inktek color card for specific colors.

Process Colors:

  • Four soft hand, non build up colors are available for four-color process designs in SE and HS series.
  • These inks may also be used to tone SE or HO series inks. Other colors may be available upon request.

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