Freehand Graphic’s AccuRip Black Pearl Software for Printing Halftones with Epson Printers

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AccuRIP™ Black Pearl delivers the most efficient work-flow. It was engineered to meet the unique needs of screen printers. The other RIP solutions available are higher priced solutions that have been repackaged for the screen print industry or sold as screen print solutions even though they include features that screen printers do not need (such as color management and cutting). These extra features, which can amount to as many as several dozen, only slow down processing and leave the user with a more complicated interface and more steps to follow. AccuRIP™ Black Pearl is 21 megs of clean intelligent code. AccuRIP™ Black Pearl takes over 10 times less system space than other solutions, which can leave over 300 megs in your system.


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Technical Specifications

AccuRIP delivers the features screen printers need and nothing they don’t require. It is the unneeded features of other programs that make them complicated and slow. AccuRIP is accurate and the fastest RIP in the industry. Called “release rate”, AccuRIP passes and releases data to the printer faster than any other RIP.

  • A small and easy to navigate User Interface used mainly for setting up AccuRIP. A single setup window with 3 easy to answer questions: 1. What kind of printer do you have? 2. How are you connected? 3. How would you like this screened?
  • Halftone, Stochastic and solid capability: AccuRIP has both AM and FM screens and prints your solids!
  • N-UP printing nesting: AccuRIP automatically identifies when a document page is smaller than media chosen (roll or sheet) and divides the data into the most efficient nesting cluster possible.
  • Ability to choose single or multiple black ink cartridges – even stuffing the device with “All Black Ink”
  • Networking: AccuRIP is a driver which means it can be easily “shared” across a network with no need to install any software on another computer. One purchase per company. You can even share across Windows and Mac Computers!
  • Transfer Activation: A user can choose to move their install to another computer anytime. Simply choose “transfer activation” from the Activation Menu.
  • Universal Serial Numbers: that means that AccuRIP can be changed from a Mac to a Windows computer with no additional purchase or tech help.
  • Online Updates: All updates within the same “version” number are FREE. Simply download any new version from the web and the trail version will automatically update their serialized software. *
  • Reprocess jobs: simply right click on any job in the “history” window and “reprocess” (print) the job again.
  • Set Job History Storage: The only preference (property) in AccuRIP is the ability to store as many jobs in the history as you can handle. AccuRIP is set by default to 10
  • Drag and Drop printing: .PS and .PDF files to the Queue window and they print.
  • Most files RIP in 1 second or less.

Available in two formats:

AccuRIP Desktop (Epson 1280, 1520, 1400, R1800, R1900, 2200, 2400, 3000, 3800, 4000, 4800, 4880, OYO EcoPro)
AccuRIP Wide (Epson 7000, 7600, 7800, 7880, 9600, 9800, 9880)



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