Murakami TSR Emulsion – Works With Waterbase, Discharge, High Solid Acrylic, Plastisol Inks


Murakami TSR Emulsion is a diazo emulsion designed for use with HSA inks, but will also work with plastisol, water based, and discharge inks. If you are running high solid acrylics inks (HSA Inks) for more than 200 pieces this emulsion should be hardened. This emulsion has incredible resolution and detail, and is a very strong emulsion for halftone work.



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  • Applicable for water base ink and plastisol ink.
  • Dissolve provided diazo with water. Pour into emulsion and mix it well.
  • High solid content brings for excellent coating performance and ease
  • to make surface of screen stencil at.
  • Ease to reclaim used stencil with strip super (reclaiming agent).
  • High resolution can make reproduction of required image.

Technical Specifications


  • Wash the screen mesh and remove grease and foreign contaminants with MSP cleanser.
  • Dissolve provided diazo with water. Pour into emulsion and mix it well.
  • Mix diazo solution into emulsion, and stir it well with wooden stir stick.
  • Prior to use, let mixed emulsions stand for a day. Or for immediate use, lter emulsions with 250 or higher
  • Coat slowly with a firm pressure to prevent air bubbles.
  • Dry coated screen completely before exposure.


  • Keep the mixed emulsion in a cool and UV light safe area and use it in 2 weeks.
  • It is recommended to lter the mixed emulsion with screen mesh before pouring into scoop coater
  • to remove any dust, foreign contaminants and air bubbles.

Exposure Estimate:

The Typical exposure on a 5k 110 mesh is 4 minutes.


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