Saati LTS 8012 Direct Laser Image & Exposure Unit


The Saati laser to screen is Designed to efficiently image and expose one screen up to 1050 x 1600 mm or two screens up to a maximum size of 635 x 915 mm without vacuum or film positives.


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Self-contained, super high efficiency direct laser computer to screen Image & Exposure unit, operated by PC with optional RIP.


• Vertical glassless design with safety shutter
• 128 laser array capable of 2540, 1693, 1270, 1016, or 847 DPI
• Exposes all emulsions and stencil films
• Easy to use software, compatible with many RIP programs
• Utilizes 1-bit TIFF file format


• Very high resolution CtS exposure capable of reproducing the most demanding image types
• Double screen output by imaging & exposing two screens at once
• Digitally process all types of PC & Mac design files in house with no film positives and the powerful workflow software allows multiple image placements across one or two screens to further enhance productivity
• No consumables and low power consumption for minimized costs
• 10,000+ hour lamp life and easy, low cost maintenance

Technical Specifications


• Maximum Image Size: 800 x 1200 mm
• Maximum Frame Size: 1050 x 1600 mm or 2 screens up to 635 x 915 mm
• Larger frame layouts are possible – contact SAATI to learn more
• Machine Dimensions: 220 x 58 x 163 cm • Weight: 925 kg
• Compatible with 110V or 220V input
• Requires compressed air for clamps (90 psi, less than 1 CFM)
• One Year Warranty



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