ROQ ROQTunnel Conveyor Dryer


The ROQTUNNEL is the ultimate dryer.

ROQ offers a full line of automated screen printing machines. Both carousel and oval screen printing machines. When it comes down to dryers to complement the screen printing line, ROQ offers the ROQtunnel. At first sight it could be understood as a paradox but in truth the ROQtunnel is not one dryer but a powerful platform. This extremely developed and sophisticated platform has been refined over the last 30 years with the collaboration of many, many specialists and customers around the world. In different conditions, environments and curing different materials and technics. Today its versatility is absolute. The ROQtunnel was thought to be adapted to every screen printing shop and to complement any screen printing machines no matter the environmental conditions or the type of power available. The ROQtunnel can be run with electricity or with gas or even with both allowing the printer to switch from electricity to gas and from gas to electricity with a button. This feature is a must have for a dryer that is global. Only with this it can adapt to the needs of every market.

The maximum temperature is 200ºC. Heat Exchanger to prevent the yellowing of the fabrics from the burning of the gas. At the moment we offer the ROQtunnel in 26 different versions. This doesn’t mean we can’t tailor one for you. Simply tell us what you need and we will create the perfect ROQTUNNEL for you.

The dryer can be configured in any way you need to suit your need. The ROQTUNNEL infeed and outfeed length, the width and length of the dryer, the width and length of the belt(s) everything can be configured, tailor made. It can also be configured to have one or two belts that can run on the same direction or in opposite directions everything customizable. Everything but the color!


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  • Thermal insulation of high density rockwool panels;
  • Axial flow fan for a constant hot-air circulation;
  • Air purification filter for the burner;
  • Antistatic and resistant mesh conveyor high tensile strength PTFE coated belt;
  • Digital temperature display;
  • Internal exhaustion header system per module;
  • Contact temperature control;
  • Min temp 90°C – Max temp 200°C ;
  • Option of 2 conveyors with independent speed and direction (optional);
  • Different length’s entry/exit openings (optional);
  • GP (optional);
  • ROQTUNNEL powered by gas, Electricity or Both (optional)

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