Vastex Conveyor Air Bar


The New Vastex Conveyor Air Bar will mount to the the rear conveyor of Vastex dryers as well as many other brand dryers to cool the garments as they exit the chamber.



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  • Tight spacing between fans for even airflow
  • Adjustable height for thicker substrates
  • Adjustable width for accurate fit
  • Angled to avoid air blowing into chamber
  • Cools substrate to prevent hot ink from sticking or cools down for handling

Technical Specifications

  • 5 fans across unit
  • Vastex 30″ (76cm) wide belt dryers
  • Non-Vastex – 33″-39″ (83.8-99cm) outside conveyor width
  • CAB-30-120 for 120v model
  • CAB-30-240 for 240v model
  • 9 fans across unit
  • Vastex 54″ (137cm) wide belt dryers
  • Non-Vastex – 57″-63″ (144.8-160cm) outside conveyor width
  • CAB-54-120 for 120v model
  • CAB-54-240 for 240v model



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