Vastex E-100 Table Top UV Fluorescent Exposure Unit – 21″x28″


The E-100 Exposing Units with vacuum hold down come in two sizes to accommodate screens measuring 21 x 28 in. (53.x 71 cm) O.D. or 23 x 31 in. (58 x 78 cm) O.D. Drawing vacuum through the screen stops, it provides uniform screen-to-glass contact for quality exposures, allowing entry level printers to achieve professional results consistently. All models feature a new one-touch angled control panel for easy operation.




Standard Features:

  • Power vacuum hold down
  • 21″ x 24″ screen capacity
  • 4 – 24″ black UV bulbs
  • Uses electronic ballasts
  • Vacuum draws through lower frame
  • Precision timer controls lights and vacuum
  • Heavy duty frame with bearing lid locks
  • High bulb density, 3-1/2″ center to center
  • VRS Pin Registration compatible
  • Screens can be VRS pin registered
  • Fits onto VDC-243410 screen drying cabinet
  • 1 year warranty on manufacturers defects

Technical Specifications


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