Vastex E-1000 UV Fluorescent Exposure Unit – 25″x36″


Vastex E-1000 exposure units come standard with a powerful vacuum motor and blanket, high-impact tempered glass that virtually eliminates breakage, and 14, 32″ high output UV 47 Watt bulbs on 3-1/2″ centers for fast and crisp imaging. They also feature LCD touchscreen controls that allow the operator to set and save up to 10 preset exposure times. The E-1000 can fit up to a 52″ x 36″ Max O.D. Frame size, or two 25″ x 36″ frames, and comes equipped with a precision digital timer for controlling the lights and vacuum.





  • POWERFUL – Power vacuum hold down contours rubber neoprene blanket to screen for excellent screen-to-film contact
  • SMART – Vacuum draws through the bottom manifold with no holes in rubber blanket
  • CONSISTENT – Electronic ballasts for quick starts and steady UV output
  • ACCURATE – New LCD touch screen controls provide accurate, user-friendly interaction and 10 presets
  • BRIGHT – Unfiltered UV fluorescent bulbs
  • GUARANTEED – 3 Year warranty on manufacturer’s defects*
  • DEPENDABLE – 0.25 in. (.63 cm) thick tempered glass, virtually eliminates breakage
  • PRECISE – VRS pin registration compatible


  • Model E1-2536 – 25 in. x 36 in. (63 x 91 cm) max screen O.D.


120V or 240V

Comes standard with legs; locking casters optional

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