BBC Black Flash Dryer 16″x16”

BBC Industries, Inc.

Introduced in 1982, the Black Flash Dryer by BBC Industries, Inc. has become the preferred flash/cure dryer in the screen print industry because of its efficiency and reliability. Consistent heat radiation over the entire element surface ensures every print is properly flashed or cured. We offer a wide range of sizes, wattages, voltages, and accessories. Made to last, the Black Flash® Dryer is built to be your all-purpose flash dryer for many years.



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  • Large Selection – 14 Different Models
  • Low Profile Design
  • Rotates 360°
  • Unique Leveling Mechanism (controls the angle of the dryer so it will always be perfectly level with every platen or surface)
  • 3-Year Limited Warranty on Heating Elements

Technical Specifications


Element Size Watts Volts Amps Heater Dimensions Plug Type Shipping Weight
BF-1600S 16″x16″ 1575 120 13.2 16″x20″x23/4″ Nema 5-15P 50 LBS
BF-1800S 16″X16″ 1873 240 7.8 16″X20″X23/4″ NEMA 6-20P 50 LBS



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