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Lotus Holland In-line screen cleaning is the most cost efficient and time-saving solution for your screen cleaning problem.  With a the Lotus EVO system, your screens are fully cleaned automatically: ink removal, stripping, degreasing, rinsing and drying. A few minutes later, the screens are ready to be coated again.  A Lotus Holland EVO screen cleaning system consists of a machine, an ink cleaning agent and a emulsion cleaner. River City’s ink cleaning agents are non-volatile and 100% biologically degradeable. As a result, Lotus Holland EVO screen cleaning systems are the safest systems for the personnel and the environment !

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LOTUS EVO modular systems are tailor made and adjusted to the condition of the printer. These modular systems are available in throughput heights up to 400cm.

Evo 3 – Configuration consists of 1 cleaning module for the removal of ink, 1 stripper module and 1 high pressure fresh water module. This system is especially suitable for small screen printers and screen printers with inks that are easy to remove. Evo 4 – In case of more difficult inks,

LOTUS EVO :4 offers an optimal solution. This system is similar to the LOTUS EVO :3, but it has an extra high-pressure water module before the stripper module. In this extra module, residual ink is removed before the frame enters the stripper module.

Evo 5 – In case of difficult inks (for instance 2-Component inks), or in case of large screens, a LOTUS EVO :5 could be the best solution. Compared to a LOTUS EVO :4, this system has an additional module for the removal of ink. Cleaning the frames in 2 successive modules removes even the most difficult inks. Which system provides the best cleaning result for your print shop depends on the specific circumstances. Based on a manual test we can advise you on the best possible solution.

Technical Specifications

  • Transport speed is adjustable between 7.87″ and 23.62″ per minute.
  • Standard maximum frame height: 39.37″ x 49.21″



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