Rhino M-10F Filtration System


The M-10F Filtration System joins the RhinoTech line-up of equipment focused on environmental sensitivity. The system has been constructed with a conscious desire to help printers become/remain stewards of our earth and their own septic and plumbing systems through another efficient and cost effective method in which to dispose of emulsion and ink by-products.



Like all RhinoTech Filtration systems, the M-10F offers  space saving features to enable it to easily fit underneath a RhinoTech (or most other) Washout Booth and connect to plumbing systems. With the use of compatible RhinoClean Green ² Screen Cleaning chemicals that are eco-friendly and biodegradable, the filtered liquid becomes even more drain safe.

The M-10F works this way:  during the screen cleaning process, ink and emulsion flow from the washout booth into the M-10F that has been positioned securely underneath the washout booth. The first of two filtration chambers fill with liquid from the booth. When the liquid reaches the top inside divider of the M-10F, it transfers to the second chamber that houses an auto discharge pump. As the second chamber fills, the pump activates automatically pushing the liquid out of the chamber and through two additional canister filters. At that point, maximum filtration has been achieved. And, only then is the filtered  water allowed down the drain.

Utilizing an M-10F Filtration System offers an affordable way for any screen printing company to meet their responsibilities to comply with city, county, state, Parrish, township and federal regulations regarding liquid disposal.

Technical Specifications

This system requires and air compressor to run.  30-40psi.



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