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RhinoStretch RSP 200 Manual Stretching System RhinoStretch RSP 200 Manual Stretching System This affordable performance system has been designed to offer flexibility with high-quality tensioning. Ultimate accuracy is achieved through use of an adjustable clamping system, which enables the fabric tension to be stabilized on the entire frame. Separate adjustment mechanisms allow complete adjustment in both the warp and weft directions, maintaining repeatable, uniform tension screen after screen. Each stretcher has been constructed with high-quality materials, which assure years of superior service. * Wide Range of Tension Capabilities – to 36″ by 36″ frames * Easy Frame Size Adjustment * Corner Softening Capabilities while Under Tension * Pre-bows Frame for Maximum Tension Control * Independent Adjustment Control for Greater Warp and Weft Tensioning Control * Compatible with Essentially all Frame Types * Stretches Directly from the Bolt of Fabric * Utilizes a Wide Track Bar Stabilizing System * No Special Training or Tools Required * Maintenance Free Design

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