Nortech Graphics Aluminum Frames – Saati HiDro Mesh 23″ x 31″ – 6 Pack


Saati HI-DRO is a high modulus, low elongation mono-filament polyester screen printing fabric with a proprietary surface treatment developed to meet the requirements of garment printing applications. Especially designed to optimize the deposit when printing with water-based inks, this new range was constructed maintaining the same mesh count and using thinner thread diameters.


When ordering thin thread frames and checking box means you are aware that these frame are more fragile and may pop easily when handle roughly.

*These frame packs drop ship from the manufacture and will take a few extra business day for process and shipping.


• Optimized mesh geometry and precise mesh openings due to the improved production process
• Excellent antistatic property
• Long lasting surface modification thanks to plasma treatment.

Your Benefits
• Better printability
• Improved ink flow
• No degreasing pretreatment step prior to stencil processing, thanks to SAATI unique plasma surface treatment
• Excellent coverage on dark garments
• Less stencil cleaning work during printing
• Superior stencil adhesion, resulting in less stencil breakdown on press, delivering longer print runs far beyond other conventional treated fabrics
• Safe under exposure with all emulsion types: Photopolymer, Dual- Cure, Diazo and Capillary Films
• Excellent for use with abrhasive printing conditions, inks and pastes.

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