FDC 2828 24” 003 Galaxy RTape VinylEfx®: Carbon Fibre™, Decorative Series


FDC 2828 Series is RTape VinylEfx® Carbon Fibre™ pattern Decorative Series film. VinylEfx® products are metalized PVC films designed to give the appearance of metallic materials or finishes and add special effects to promotional graphics, signage and decals. Decorative series films provide limited exterior durability.


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Film Technology: Metallized PVC
Colors available: Black and Silver
Film thickness: 3 mil. (3/1000″)
Finish: Gloss
Durability: 6 – 12 months
Conformability: Flat Surfaces
Adhesive: Permanent/Clear
Application range: Minimum  50 degrees F

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