FDC 3700 24” 030 Dark Blue Glitter Sign Vinyl

FDC Films

Lumina® 3700 is an ultra-metallic cast vinyl film that has an excellent surface gloss and color depth. This series provides dynamic graphic accents and can be used for RV and marine applications, automotive aftermarket graphics, and striping.



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  • Thickness: 2.8 mil.
  • Applications: Flat or simple curves.
  • Durability: Up to 5 years outdoors when properly applied (vertical exposure, unprinted).
  • Recommended Application Tapes:  RTape High Tack 4075 or RTape Medium Tack AT60 Clear Choice

Technical Specifications

  • Film Technology: Cast
  • Film Thickness: 3.0 mil.
  • Color Availability: 17 colors – see color chart.
  • Blockout:  N/A
  • Finish:  Gloss
  • Outdoor Durability: 5 years – when properly processed and displayed
  • (*Expected Durability: unprinted media, vertical exposure and ideal conditions.)
  • Adhesive: Permanent / Clear
  • Liner: 78# Kraft
  • Conformability:  Flat and Simple Curves
  • Application: Flat Surfaces, Simple Curves
  • Printing: Screen (*A print test is recommended prior to production to determine the suitability of this product given a particular printer, rip, ink type and ink set. Allow at least 24 hours for inks to dry and properly outgas prior to lamination, cutting or application.)
  • Temperature: Minimum Application Temperature is 40°F  (*Temperature applies for: graphics, substrate and environment.) Service Temperature is -40°F to 200°F
  • Shelf Life: 1 year – when stored at 70°F and 50% relative humidity

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