Printers Choice 18” Wide Roll White Transfer Pallet Tape

Printers Choice

Printers Choice Pallet Tape self-adhesive platen tape for use on print surfaces of textile screen print equipment. Extends pallet life eliminates the need for cleaning solvents and reduces downtime for platen clean-up. If you’re using a platen tape on your press, simply pull off the tape after a job and your pallet is clean. Yes, it’s that easy. Printers Choice Platen Tape is thicker, sticks longer, and breaks down less than our Standard Platen Tape. A preferred tape for the ROQ Honeycomb Aluminum Platens and other Aluminum Platens, Premium Platen Tape also works on manual and other automatic platens. Adheres to either steel, aluminum or wood pallets.



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  • Highly flash cure resistant
  • Designed to withstand high temperatures
  • Peels off quickly and easily with little or no shredding
  • Unrolls and adheres quickly with little effort
  • Designed for screen printing
  • Simple clean up
  • Can be used with flash cure units

Technical Specifications


  • Roll width Up to 24 inches
  • Roll length 100 yard maximum
  • Backing Paper, Saturated
  • Adhesive type Rubber
  • Total thickness 4.3 mils
  • Color White



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