Matsui Quick Additive


This additive for Matsui water based inks serves as a pre-mixed additive that takes the place of the Matsui Softener, the Matsui Retarder, and the Matsui Fixer.  These additives are optional to use with the Matsui system, but can increase the printability and ease of use of these water based inks.

If you are wanting to use all 3 additives in your water based printing, this additive serves as a handy way to add the proper ratio of additives in one simple mix.  Quick additive can be added at 9% the weight of your ink



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  • Easy to mix and print
  • Extremely soft hand feel that PVC inks cannot achieve
  • Excellent elasticity, great on Dri-fit performance fabrics
  • OEKO-TEX Standard 100 certified, CPSIA and HR4040 Compliant
  • Is “PVC Free” and environmentally safe

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