Matsui Water Based Foil Adhesive TFG 301


Foil Adhesive TFG 301 is an adhesive base for flock sheets, foil transfer and Reflectalite SK sheet. It has excellent adhesion qualities. Can be printed on most textile fabrics where a printable adhesive is needed.


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  • Easy to mix and print
  • Can be tinted with “Neo Pigments” to match embellishment color
  • Extremely soft hand feel that PVC inks cannot achieve
  • Excellent printability with no viscosity modifications
  • Great for adhering fabric together
  • Adhere flock sheets, foil and Reflectalite sheets to fabric
  • OEKO-TEX®, CPSIA and HR4040 Compliant
  • Is “PVC Free” anAll Productsd environmentally safe

Technical Specifications


  • Print through screen mesh up to 110 mc in (43 mc cm) when cured at 320°F (160°C)
  • Transfer press settings: Temperature 330°F-350°F (166°C-177°C), 8-20 seconds with 30-50 psi, let it cool down and peel off the sheet.
  • All heat press manufacturers are subject to different settings. Be sure to test your equipment.
  • Less time for heat press will be needed for Foil transfer than for flock and Reflectalite SK sheet.


Matsui Foil Adhesive TFG 301 Technical Data sheet

Matsui Foil Adhesive TFG 301 Safety Data Sheet


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