Murakami-S-Mesh pre-stretched aluminum screens ready to ship

by | Jul 22, 2014

We just got in a new shipment of Murakami 23″x31″ S Mesh Screens ready to ship.  We stock the 135, 150, 180, 225, and 300 counts. 

  • Prints PVC/Phthalate well. These new inks require a more open mesh to transfer ink well and not dry in. 
  • Extended flood times are possible with S mesh which cleans and re-wets well with a few prints.
  • Better base plates – Less squeegee pressure preserves halftones and minimizes dot gain.
  • Faster squeegee speeds – Newer PVC/Phthalate free inks shear better at high squeegee speeds. Plastisol base plate squeegee speeds can print faster as well.
  • More opacity – Opacity is improved by printing the ink so it lays on the surface of the shirt with less squeegee pressure, not driven into the fabric.
  • Softer hand to the print – When ink rests on the surface of the fabric it is more flexible.
  • Less Ink Usage – 23-30% less ink used. This cost savings is one of the best ways to save money on your production floor. Ink is your biggest consummable product.
  • Less Emulsion Usage – S Mesh has a thinner fabric thickness and uses less emulsion to achieve good EOM, or emulsion over mesh.
  • More opaque halftone base plates – Murakami S mesh is capable of halftone counts that are impossible on standard mesh and especially thick HD mesh.
  • Fast set ups with a mesh that holds registration and retains good working tensions far longer than inexpensive mesh.
  • Superior Prints – Sharp, consistent registration, soft hand feel, better halftone control, all add up to the best prints ever to come off your press.


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