We work hard to not be just your average manufacturer of screen printing supplies! We want to be the superior one. So…we run an efficient national and international business with limited overhead to be able to pass on the best possible pricing to our customers who we value and want to support. And, because we are loyal to our employees, we have created a cohesive Team that is dedicated to offering high caliber customer service. We sincerely appreciate the mentions on Facebook!

This is what we offer:  Distinctive RhinoClean Green² chemicals help screen printers be stewards of our environment. These include: MESH PREP, SCREEN WASH/INK DEGRADENT, PRESS WASH, STENCIL REMOVER, HAND CLEANER.

RhinoBond & RhinoMite frame adhesives enable excessive force when necessary. Radical SingleStep™ laser heat transfer paper,  SingleJet™ Ink Jet transfer paper,  RhinoScreen Dry Stencil Film, heat press & printer technology take printing to the next step. Built in the U.S.A equipment includes: automatic and modular  screen cleaning equipment that expedites screen cleaning from hours to minutes (and affords efficient use of water resources), Drum Pumping systems, no splash-back Washout Booths, Recirculation and Filtration systems, Washout systems, Screen Drying and Stretching equipment (that offer space saving features). Pressure Washers, Accessories and Supplies round out dynamic product offerings. And we customize.


Materials & Safety Data Sheet