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This Uninet 250 desktop label printer is the 🐝’s knees. Full color. Custom cutting. Endless possibilities. We’ve personally used it to make vinyl stickers, shirt bag labels, product labels and even just fun stickers! A must have for a business looking to add an extra edge of flair for their customers🤗 #unineticolor #rivercitygraphicsupply #customstickers ...

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Hey y’all, Hope everybody got some much needed rest after the good eats yesterday! Just another reminder that we’re still offering 10% off site-wide and an unbelievable 40% on our HTV! 🤩 get your orders in now and they’ll be sent out Monday! ...

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All Vastex Equipment is 10% now until 11/28/23. If you are planning to add a press, now is the time to order your dryer and exposure unit to keep up with the speeds. We also have a bunch of in stock equipment so you can avoid the build time. Email us for the current inventory.
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Happy thanksgiving ya’ll!! 🤠🦃
We’re grateful for working with some of the BEST customers there are! Hope everybody has had a wonderful time with loved ones today!🫶🏼

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Fun fact: our site wide sale DOES include Vastex equipment! That means ANY Vastex item on our website is also 10% off. We do have a few items in stock if you want to avoid shipping charges tho👀 We would love to help you upgrade your shop🔥🦾#rivercitygraphicsupply #roqus #vastex ...

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Everything on our website is 10% off this includes equipment and supplies. In stock Siser HTV colors are all 40% off. #htv #screenprintsupplies #vastex #monarchink #chromaline ...

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And heres part 2 of our black Friday sale! Going on all week. 🦃

10% off SITE WIDE. Absolutely everything, aerosols, frames, equipment, inks, chemicals, damn near everything we’ve got on the sight is 10% off! This lasts until Monday the 27th! Take advantage now!

Happy holidays!!
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I know yall have been waiting to hear what deals we’re offering for black friday! Well heres part 1:
40% off of ALL of our HTV in stock! Thats any color (excluding black & white), any material, any width. All 40% off🤩
This is the BIGGEST HTV sale we’ve offered in the past 15+ years🤯
get it before it’s gone‼️
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We’re mixin up colors this morning! Alpha base is the GOAT🐐 It gives you the flexibility to discharge or direct print, with the same bucket of ink🤩

Check out the website to see all the base and pantone color options! 🎨 #pantonematching #matsuiink #rivercitygraphicsupply

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Let me introduce to you, your next solution to long emulsion drying times! This bad boy here *slaps the top panel* is a Vastex Dri-Vault. This holds 10 23x31 or (20x24) frames and accelerates the emulsion drying time through air pressure and even variable heating element🤯 It has the ability to dry your emulsion in as quickly as 20 minutes! The cooler thing about it is you can mount your exposure unit right on top for all that space saving goodness😋 If this bad boy flips your switch, send us an email for more info! ...

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We have the ROQ FIT in our show room, and have great customers/friends in the near by area if you want to see a YOU or NEXT running production. Let us know if you have any questions and we will get the answered! #screenprint #roq #screenprinting #teamgreen #automaticprintingpress #manualprinting ...

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Ever wonder how to use our Printer Choice Flash Adhesive or Screen Opener? Well heres a short how to! Very simple procedure and easy to use. Thats why they’re our best sellers! #rivercitygraphicsupply ...

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Ink preparation using our corob shaker. Make your inks production ready without stirring or getting a mixer blade messy.
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Check out this all in one @vastexinternational mobile print shop we have ready to go! A 4 station and 4 color rotary with a built in D-100 120V conveyor dryer. Great option for those that want to offer portable printing as a service. Comes with a purpose built crate for shipping to and from all of your shows! Email or call for more details! #rivercitygraphicsupply #vastex ...

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