Build A Complete Screen Printing Shop

River City Supply’s new Build-Your-Own Screen-printing Shop feature allows you to piece together your business your way. Simply review the checklist, and select the equipment you need from our industry-leading manufacturers, including Vastex, BBC and Roq. You will be assured of top-quality equipment that is backed by some of the best warranties in the industry.

  • Select a screen printing press which is used for printing your design on the t-shirts. You also need to determine how many print stations and colors you want the press to have.
  • Select a conveyor dryer which will be used to cure your ink on the shirt to make sure it stays on during the wash. Confirm that you have the proper power source available where you plan to install the dryer.
  • Select an exposure unit which is used to develop your screens with emulsion. Exposure units vary by size and the type of light used to burn the screens.
  • Select a flash dryer which is used to cure the ink between color applications when printing multi-color designs on t-shirts.
  • Select a registration system to help speed set up of multi-color jobs on the press.
  • Select a washout booth for cleaning and rinsing out screens.
  • Select a dip tank for easier removal of ink and emulsion during the reclaim process.
  • Select a Supply Start Kit to get your business off and running.

Note: This equipment will drop-ship from the manufacturer, and your order will ship complete as one shipment. Below are the current lead times.

V100 – 7-10 Days
V1000 – 7-10 Days
V2000 – 7-10 Days
D-100 – 7-10 Days
D-1000 – 7-10 Days
LittleRed X1-D – 30-35 Days
LittleRed X1 30″ – 30-35 Days
LittleRed X1 54″ – 30-35 Days
LittleRed X2 30″ – 30-35 Days
LittleRed X2 54″ – 30-35 Days
LittleRed X2-D 30″ – 30-35 Days
LittleRed X3 30″- 30-35 Days
LittleRed X3 54″- 30-35 Days
LittleRed X3-D 30″ – 30-35 Days
LittleRed X3-D 54″ – 30-35 Days
LittleRed X3-D 78″ – Call
ER-II & III – 35-40 Days
BigRed – 35-40 Days
Exposure Units:
E-100 – 20-25 Days
E-1000 – 20-25 Days
E-200 – 20-25 Days
E-2000 – 20-25 Days
Flash Cure Units:
F-Series – 7-10 Days
RedFlash – 7-10 Days
AirFlash – 20-25 Days
AutoFlash – 15-20 Days

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