Printers Choice Plastisol Inks Additives

Printers Choice Plastisol Additives:

Printers Choice Curable Reducer:

Printers Choice Curable Reducer is designed to lower the viscosity of inks while maintaining their curing properties. This additive is effective for adjusting ink flow and print characteristics, as well as eliminating tackiness in the inks.

Key Points:

  • Recommended for use with inks at a maximum of 10% by weight.
  • Advised for specialty inks like Puff and Suede Inks, in quantities lower than 10% by weight. Excessive amounts could lead to reduced puff height.
  • Suitable for low-cure inks, up to a 10% maximum by weight. Note that excessive use of Printers Choice Curable Reducer might elevate the curing temperature from 280°F (132°C) to 320°F (160°C).
  • Not suitable for Transfer Inks (TFX) or Athletic Inks (MSH, ATH).

Printing Tips:

  • A 5% weight addition can effectively decrease the viscosity of most inks by approximately 25%.
  • Adding beyond 10% might potentially compromise bleed resistance and opacity.

Printers Choice Process Clear:

The Printers Choice Process Clear is intended for blending with other Printers Choice general-purpose and specialty inks to provide softening and extension effects. It can also function as a standalone base in combination with Printers Choice pigment concentrates, resulting in inks characterized by a soft hand feel and exceptional color clarity.