Sprayway 945 Silicone Spray: Versatile Lubrication and Protection Solution


Introducing Sprayway 945 Silicone Spray, the ultimate solution for preventing ink buildup and sticking on the underside of screens in screen printing. Specifically formulated for wet-on-wet printing, this silicone spray revolutionizes your printing process, ensuring flawless and efficient results.

With Sprayway 945 Silicone Spray, preventing ink buildup has never been easier. Simply apply this colorless, non-staining spray to the underside of your screen before registering your job on the press. Watch as the silicone spray creates a protective barrier, preventing ink from adhering to the screen. This innovative solution enables smooth and uninterrupted printing, saving you time and effort.



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Key Features of Sprayway 945 Silicone Spray:

  • Versatile and Effective: Designed to excel in a wide range of applications, Sprayway Silicone Spray offers versatile lubrication and protection for various equipment and machinery.
  • Extreme Temperature Stability: Withstanding temperatures from -40°C (-40°F) to over 200°C (392°F), this waxless formula remains unaffected, ensuring consistent performance in diverse environments.
  • Enhanced Equipment Performance: Suitable for ovens, freezers, conveyors, belts, chutes, and more, Sprayway 945 Silicone Spray enhances equipment efficiency and protection.
  • Friction Reduction: By reducing friction, the spray accelerates the cleanup process and boosts production efficiency, minimizing downtime and increasing output.
  • Clean and Mess-Free: The non-staining, dry formula ensures a clean experience, leaving no residue on prints or equipment, maintaining a professional and tidy workspace.
  • FDA Compliant: Meeting FDA regulations applicable to the food packaging and processing industry, the spray can safely be used on food processing equipment, ensuring compliance and safety.
  • Multi-Industry Application: Ideal for various industries, Sprayway 945 Silicone Spray provides lubrication, water repellency, protective coatings, and even polishing capabilities.
  • Enhanced Sewing Trades and Maintenance: Elevate sewing trades and industrial maintenance operations with improved movement, reduced sticking, binding, and superior equipment protection.
  • Screen Printing Enhancement: Elevate your screen printing operation with Sprayway 945 Silicone Spray, resulting in smoother printing, easier cleanup, and enhanced overall performance.

Upgrade your equipment with the power of innovation offered by Sprayway 945 Silicone Spray. Witness the transformation in equipment performance, productivity, and compliance while enjoying the benefits of friction reduction and efficient lubrication. Experience excellence across industries with Sprayway’s trusted solution.

Technical Specifications

To effectively use the silicone spray on the bottom side of a screen to prevent build-up when printing wet-on-wet, please follow these simple instructions:

1. Prepare your screen: Ensure that your screen is clean and free from any debris or previous ink marks. A clean surface will allow the silicone spray to adhere better and provide optimal results.

2. Shake the can: Prior to use, shake the can of Sprayway 945 Silicone Spray well. This will ensure that the formula is properly mixed and ready for application.

3. Apply the spray: Hold the can approximately 6 to 8 inches away from the bottom side of the screen. Spray a thin, even coat of silicone spray across the entire surface. Be sure to cover the entire area that will come into contact with the ink during the printing process.

4. Let it dry: Allow the silicone spray to dry completely before starting your printing job. This typically takes a few minutes, but it’s important to ensure that the spray has fully settled and created a protective barrier.

5. Register your job: Once the silicone spray has dried, proceed to register your job on the press as usual. The silicone spray will now help prevent the ink from sticking and building up on the bottom side of the screen.

6. Clean-up: After completing your printing job, clean the screen thoroughly. The silicone spray will make the ink easier to clean, resulting in a faster and more efficient clean-up process.

Note: It is recommended to test the silicone spray on a small area of your screen before applying it to the entire surface. This will help ensure compatibility and desired results.

By following these instructions, you can maximize the effectiveness of Sprayway 945 Silicone Spray in preventing ink build-up and achieve superior wet-on-wet printing results. Enjoy smoother printing and cleaner screens with this innovative solution!

Product Details:

  • Size 20 oz. can
  • Net Weight 11 oz.
  • Units/Pack 12 cans


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