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Introducing Printers Choice Violet Blockout – Your Reliable Solution for Precise Screen Printing!

Printers Choice Violet Blockout is the ultimate medium viscosity, water-soluble blockout meticulously designed for use with plastisol inks. This versatile violet blockout is engineered to fill the open areas of the screen not covered by the emulsion, ensuring flawless prints and professional results in all your multi-color works.



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  • Advantages:
    1. Dries Fast: Speed up your screen preparation process with Printers Choice Violet Blockout. Its quick-drying formula allows you to move swiftly through your printing setup.
    2. Easy to Use: Simplify your workflow effortlessly. Printers Choice Violet Blockout is user-friendly, making the application process a breeze for screen printers of all skill levels.
    3. Useful with All Mesh Sizes: From fine details to coarse screens, Printers Choice Violet Blockout delivers consistent and reliable coverage across all mesh sizes.
    4. Pleasant Odor: Enjoy a more pleasant work environment with the low odor formulation of Printers Choice Violet Blockout.
    5. Coverage in One Coat: Achieve seamless coverage with just one coat of Printers Choice Violet Blockout, reducing application time and increasing efficiency.
    6. High Contrast Violet Color: Experience enhanced visibility and ease of application with the high contrast violet color, ensuring precise blockout placement.
    7. Durable / High Abrasion Resistance: Rest assured that your blockout will endure the rigors of the printing process with exceptional durability and high abrasion resistance.
    8. Easily Removed with Water: When it’s time to reclaim your screen, Printers Choice Violet Blockout dissolves easily with water, simplifying the screen reclaiming process.
    9. Non-Hazardous and Biodegradable: Prioritizing safety and environmental responsibility, Printers Choice Violet Blockout is non-hazardous, biodegradable, and drain-safe.


    • Multi-Color Printing: Utilize Printers Choice Violet Blockout to mask several designs on a screen until you’re ready to print, ensuring accurate registration for multi-color works.
    • Spot Color Printing: Achieve clean and precise prints by using Printers Choice Violet Blockout for touching up pinholes and refining your designs.

    Elevate the precision, efficiency, and reliability of your screen printing projects with Printers Choice Violet Blockout. Experience seamless compatibility with plastisol inks, unlocking the full potential of your prints. Choose Printers Choice Violet Blockout today and elevate your screen printing game to new heights!

Technical Specifications

Directions for Using Printers Choice Blockout to Cover Pinholes on an Emulsioned Screen for Plastisol Inks:

  1. Prepare the Screen: Ensure the screen is properly coated with emulsion and fully dried before applying Printers Choice Blockout. A clean and dry screen is essential for successful blockout application.
  2. Shake Well: Before using Printers Choice Blockout, give the container a good shake to ensure the blockout is thoroughly mixed and ready for application.
  3. Identification of Pinholes: Examine the emulsioned screen carefully to identify any pinholes or small imperfections. These are typically tiny open spots in the emulsion that can lead to undesired ink leakage during printing.
  4. Application: With the screen print side facing up, apply a small amount of Printers Choice Blockout directly onto each pinhole using a fine-tip brush or a pinhole touch-up pen. Precise application is key to effectively cover the pinholes.
  5. Coverage and Drying: Ensure that the blockout fully covers each pinhole. Allow the blockout to dry completely before proceeding to the printing process. The drying time may vary depending on environmental conditions.
  6. Plastisol Inks Only: It’s essential to note that Printers Choice Blockout is designed specifically for use with plastisol inks. It will not hold up to water-based and discharge inks, as these types of inks require a different type of blockout.
  7. Ready for Printing: Once the blockout is dry and the pinholes are covered, your screen is now ready for printing with plastisol inks. Proceed with your printing process as usual, ensuring precise and flawless prints.

Caution: Always work in a well-ventilated area when using Printers Choice Blockout. Avoid direct contact with the skin and eyes. It is crucial to use this blockout exclusively with plastisol inks, as it may not withstand the characteristics of water-based and discharge inks.

With Printers Choice Blockout, you can effectively address pinholes on your emulsioned screen and achieve clean and professional prints with plastisol inks. Elevate the quality and efficiency of your screen printing projects with this specialized blockout. Choose Printers Choice Blockout today and unlock the full potential of your plastisol ink prints!

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