Embroidery Backing 20″ Wide Medium Weight Firm Tearaway Rolls


Enhance Embroidery Precision with 20″ Wide Medium Weight (1.8 oz.) Firm Tearaway Backing Rolls

Experience embroidery perfection with the dependable 20″ Wide Medium Weight (1.8 oz.) Firm Tearaway Backing Rolls. Crafted to provide impeccable stability and ease of use, this firm tearaway backing is a trusted companion for achieving precise stitchwork on a variety of projects.


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Embroidery Backing 20″ Wide Medium Weight Firm Tearaway Rolls Key Features:

  • Optimal Weight: With a medium weight of 1.8 oz., this tearaway backing strikes the perfect balance between stability and flexibility. It’s designed to hold up well on fabrics with medium stitch counts.
  • Firm Support: Specifically crafted for jackets, woven materials, and stable fabrics, this tearaway offers firm support that prevents puckering or distortion during the embroidery process.
  • Effortless Tearaway: Enjoy the convenience of easy tearaway after embroidery. This tearaway backing removes cleanly, leaving your stitches crisp and your design perfectly intact.
  • Versatile Application: From jackets to woven materials, this tearaway’s firm support ensures impeccable results on various stable fabrics. Embroider confidently with medium stitch counts.
  • Generous Roll Size: Each roll measures 20″ in width, offering abundant coverage for your embroidery projects. Achieve consistency and excellence with ease.

Available in Various Sizes: Choose from convenient roll options, including 20″x25 yard rolls and 25″x50 yard rolls. This versatility ensures you have the right amount of tearaway backing for projects of any size.

Technical Specifications

Directions for Using 20″ Wide Medium Weight (1.8 oz.) Firm Tearaway Backing Rolls: Achieve Embroidery Excellence

  1. Prepare Your Fabric: Select your fabric and ensure it’s clean, smooth, and ready for embroidery. Lay it on a flat surface.
  2. Measure and Cut: Unroll the 20″ Wide Medium Weight Firm Tearaway Backing to the desired length for your project. Use scissors or a rotary cutter to cut the tearaway backing. Ensure the size matches your hoop or design area.
  3. Position the Backing: Place the cut tearaway backing beneath your fabric, aligning it with the embroidery area. Ensure it’s centered and covers the entire design space.
  4. Hoop Your Fabric: If using a hoop, place your fabric and tearaway backing into the hoop, ensuring the fabric is taut but not overly stretched. Tighten the hoop’s screw to secure the fabric in place.
  5. Embroider Your Design: Set up your embroidery machine with your chosen design and thread colors. Start the embroidery process, allowing the machine to stitch through both the fabric and the tearaway backing.
  6. Monitor the Process: Keep an eye on the embroidery process as it progresses. The firm tearaway backing provides stability, preventing puckering or distortion during stitching.
  7. Completing Embroidery: Once the embroidery is done, gently remove the fabric from the hoop or frame. Carefully tear away the excess tearaway backing around the stitched design. Be cautious not to damage the embroidery stitches.
  8. Finishing Touches: Trim any loose threads and inspect your embroidered design. If any remnants of tearaway backing remain, they can be easily removed using a soft brush or gentle washing.
  9. Admire Your Creation: Your embroidery project is now enhanced with the dependable support of the 20″ Wide Medium Weight Firm Tearaway Backing. Marvel at the clean and professional appearance achieved through its exceptional stability.

Experience the convenience and reliability of the 20″ Wide Medium Weight (1.8 oz.) Firm Tearaway Backing Rolls. Elevate your embroidery projects with precision, achieve optimal stitch quality, and relish in the satisfaction of creating stunning designs with unwavering stability.

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