Embroidery Backing 8″ Wide Water Soluble Topping 110 Yard Roll


Elevate Embroidery with 8″ Wide Water Soluble (1.1 oz) Topping 110 Yard Roll

Enhance your embroidery projects with the precision of the 8″ Wide Water Soluble Topping 110 Yard Roll. This versatile plastic topping is designed to transform the appearance of your designs on high pile fabrics, creating a flawless finish on textiles such as terrycloth, velour, pique knit, corduroy, fleece, and velvet.


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Embroidery Backing 8″ Wide Water Soluble Topping 110 Yard Roll Key Features:

  • Enhanced Embroidery: Elevate your embroidery to new heights by using the Water Soluble Topping on the top side of high pile fabrics. This topping serves as a powerful tool to prevent stitches from sinking into the pile of the fabric, ensuring your designs remain prominent and sharp.
  • Ultimate Fabric Compatibility: Crafted to perform on a variety of high pile fabrics, this topping is your go-to solution for achieving impeccable results on textiles known for their plush textures.
  • Precise Application: The 8″ width of the topping roll ensures seamless application and coverage, catering to both small and larger embroidery designs. Achieve the look you desire with confidence.
  • Easy Removal: Once your embroidery is complete, simply remove the Water Soluble Topping with ease. It dissolves effortlessly upon contact with water, leaving your design intact and your fabric flawless.

Experience Embroidery Transformation:

The 8″ Wide Water Soluble Topping 110 Yard Roll offers an essential tool to elevate your embroidery results on high pile fabrics. With its ability to prevent stitches from disappearing into the fabric pile, you can showcase your designs with clarity and precision. Embrace the power of this topping to create embroidery that truly stands out.

Technical Specifications

Directions for Using 8″ Wide Water Soluble (1.1 oz) Topping 110 Yard Roll: Elevate Embroidery Precision:

  1. Prepare Your Fabric: Start by selecting the high pile fabric you intend to embroider on, such as terrycloth, velour, or fleece. Ensure the fabric is clean, wrinkle-free, and positioned on a flat surface.
  2. Measure and Cut: Unroll the 8″ Wide Water Soluble Topping to the desired length for your embroidery project. Use scissors or a rotary cutter to cut the topping, making sure it covers the area where you’ll be embroidering.
  3. Hoop Your Fabric: If using a hoop, carefully position your fabric and secure it in the hoop. Make sure the fabric is taut but not overly stretched. If your design is larger than the hoop, consider repositioning the hoop as needed.
  4. Apply the Topping: Lay the cut Water Soluble Topping over the fabric, aligning it with the embroidery area. Ensure it covers the entire design space where you want to enhance your stitches.
  5. Embroider Your Design: Set up your embroidery machine with the desired design and thread colors. Begin the embroidery process, allowing the machine to stitch through both the fabric and the topping.
  6. Monitor the Process: As your machine embroiders, keep an eye on the stitching progress. The Water Soluble Topping serves as a barrier to prevent stitches from sinking into the fabric pile.
  7. Completing Embroidery: Once your design is complete, carefully remove the fabric from the hoop or frame. If there are any excess topping remnants outside the stitched area, gently tear them away.
  8. Dissolve with Water: To remove the Water Soluble Topping, immerse your embroidered fabric in water. The topping will dissolve upon contact with water, leaving your design intact.
  9. Gentle Rinse: After dissolving the topping, gently rinse your fabric to ensure any remaining traces are removed. Pat the fabric dry with a clean towel.
  10. Admire Your Result: The Water Soluble Topping has now fulfilled its purpose, revealing your pristine embroidery on the high pile fabric. Admire the clarity and precision of your stitches.

Experience the convenience and effectiveness of the 8″ Wide Water Soluble Topping in enhancing your embroidery projects on high pile fabrics. Witness the transformation as your designs stand out with remarkable clarity and definition, thanks to the protection and precision this topping provides.

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