Sublimation Heat Tape – Secure Design Holding for Precision Transfer Bonding

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Experience seamless sublimation results with our specialized Sublimation Tape. This 1/2” x 72 yard roll of blue-tinted clear heat transfer tape is meticulously designed to securely hold Sawgrass transfers in place during the heat pressing phase. Achieve optimal alignment and prevent shifting, ensuring your designs are flawlessly imprinted onto substrates.


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Sublimation Heat Tape Key Features:

  • Precision Alignment: Our Sublimation Tape guarantees accurate positioning of Sawgrass transfers, eliminating the risk of misalignment during heat pressing.
  • Secure Bonding: The tape’s adhesive properties provide a secure hold on transfer paper, preventing any movement that could compromise the final sublimation results.
  • Efficient Sublimation: Designed for fastening transfer paper to substrates, this tape optimizes the sublimation process, ensuring vibrant and sharp designs.
  • Clear Visibility: The blue-tinted clear tape allows you to easily monitor the positioning of your transfer, ensuring perfect placement before heat pressing.
  • Ease of Use: With its user-friendly design, applying and removing the Sublimation Tape is hassle-free, streamlining your sublimation workflow.

Elevate your sublimation projects with our Sublimation Tape. Perfect for dye sublimation, this tape ensures your Sawgrass transfers remain in place, delivering professional and impeccable results. Enjoy efficient sublimation and precision alignment, and achieve sublimation excellence with ease.

Technical Specifications

Technical Specifications:

  • Tape Width: 1/2″
  • Tape Length: 72 yards
  • Tape Color: Blue-Tinted Clear
  • Application: Sublimation Transfer Bonding
  • Adhesive Type: Secure and Reliable
  • Compatibility: Ideal for Sawgrass Transfers
  • Usage: Fastening Transfer Paper to Substrates
  • Ease of Use: Hassle-Free Application and Removal
  • Enhanced Visibility: Blue-Tinted Clear for Precise Alignment
  • Streamlined Sublimation: Optimized for Efficient Sublimation Process

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