Excalibur SportPRO 1551 Red YS Plastisol Ink

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Excalibur SportPRO is specifically designed for printing on to sport uniforms and jersey’s. The new Excalibur SportPRO 1550 Series is ideal for synthetic sport fabrics such as polyester and blended fabrics. SportPRO Athletic Ink has very high opacity and has maximum bleed resistance and also has a very soft hand feel as well as very high stretch. The finish of the ink is matte which is very popular with today’s sports jersey’s. SportPRO Athletic Inks will be available in standard, opaque spot colors as well as a color matching system. SportPRO 1551 is part of the Pantone Color System.



Note:  The Excalibur 1551 series inks are formulated to cure at 290 degrees to help prevent dye migration on difficult polyester materials. We always recommend testing a polyester garment before printing a full print run.

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Technical Specifications

Stencil:  A thick stencil is recommended.  (Up to 200 microns)

Screen Mesh: Use a mesh count of 86-100

Printing Method:  It is recommended to have a thick ink deposit to prevent dye migration.  Although sportpro is designed to be bleed resistant, some fabrics and dyes can be troublesome.  It is highly recommended to give two or more print strokes to build up the ink deposit.  (print/flash/print)  Extra curing time will be required to cure the thick ink deposit.  Do not try fully curing by giving extra heat as excessive heat can cause dye to bleed or sublimate into the print.  1550 Series SportPro Athletic inks are designed to cure at relatively low temperatures of 290 degrees – 310 degrees.  Curing trials and bleed resistance should be conducted before commencing production.

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