Monarch VIVID Blending Colors – MX Violet MP6-0139


The Pantone formulas for the Monarch Vivid LB Blending System are precisely determined using the cutting-edge Monarch Color Match System (Monarch CMS System). This advanced system ensures accurate color matching and allows you to achieve your desired Pantone shades with confidence and ease.

To access the Monarch Color Match System and unlock the full potential of the Vivid LB Blending System, simply visit the Monarch CMS System page: Monarch CMS System. Through this platform, you can explore the extensive range of color possibilities, experiment with custom blends, and create Pantone-matched colors tailored to your unique printing projects.

The Monarch Color Match System empowers you to take full control of your color palette, providing a seamless and user-friendly experience to formulate and achieve your desired shades. Elevate your screen printing to new heights with the Monarch Vivid LB Blending System and the precision of the Monarch Color Match System. Create stunning, Pantone-matched prints that captivate and impress, leaving a lasting impact on your audience. Explore the realm of vivid and vibrant colors with Monarch – your partner in achieving exceptional screen printing results.



Monarch VIVID Blending Colors Key Features: Violet

  • Accurate Pantone Matching: Achieve precise Pantone color matches for your designs, guaranteeing consistent and reliable results with the Monarch Color Matching System. To access the Pantone matching software, click the Monarch Color Match System.
  • Free Cloud-Based Software: Utilize the user-friendly, cloud-based software to easily access and navigate the color formulator for hassle-free color mixing.
  • Standard 320F Curing Temperature: The inks cure at a standard temperature of 320 degrees Fahrenheit, ensuring efficient and reliable curing processes, so your prints achieve optimal durability and longevity.
  • Opaque and Vibrant Colors: Enjoy vivid and opaque colors that truly pop on dark garments, making your prints stand out with vibrant intensity, creating eye-catching and captivating designs.
  • Phthalate-Free and Safe: Monarch Vivid inks are non-phthalate, making them safe to use on kid’s garments and complying with industry safety regulations, providing peace of mind and ensuring your prints meet the highest safety standards.
  • 24 Inter-Mixable Colors: The system includes 24 inter-mixable colors, offering you a wide array of possibilities to create your desired shades, giving you the freedom to explore and experiment with various color combinations.
  • Neutral Base Included: The kit also comes with a Stark LB Neutral Base, allowing you to achieve additional color variations and blending options, enabling endless creativity in your printing projects.
  • The Monarch Vivid LB Blending System Kit includes a diverse range of colors, such as Cerise, Mixing Black, G/S Yellow, R/S Yellow, Orange, B/S Red, Y/S Red, Green, G/S Blue, R/S Blue, Ultra Marine, Violet, Stark White LB, and an assortment of Neon colors, including Yellow, Rich Yellow, Orange, Pink, Magenta, Red, Rocket Red, Green, Blue, and Purple. Each color offers exceptional performance and contributes to the system’s ability to achieve brilliant, Pantone-matched prints.
  • Experience the freedom to unleash your creativity and achieve outstanding results with the Monarch Vivid LB Blending System. Elevate your screen printing projects to new heights of excellence with vivid, Pantone-matched colors that capture attention and leave a lasting impression. Monarch Vivid – where brilliance and accuracy converge for extraordinary printing endeavors. Harness the power of the Monarch Color Matching System and embark on a journey of exceptional printing possibilities.

Colors included in the starter kit:

  • MX Cerise
  • MX Mixing Black
  • MX G/S Yellow
  • MX R/S Yellow
  • MX Orange
  • MX B/S Red
  • MX Y/S Red
  • MX Green
  • MX G/S Blue
  • MX R/S Blue
  • MX Ultra Marine
  • MX Violet
  • Stark White LB
  • Stark LB Neutral Base
  • Neon Yellow
  • Neon Rich Yellow
  • Neon Orange
  • Neon Pink
  • Neon Magenta
  • Neon Red
  • Neon Rocket Red
  • Neon Green
  • Neon Blue
  • Neon Purple

Technical Specifications

Creating Custom Pantone Colors with Monarch Vivid Mixing System: Violet

  1. Begin by selecting the VIVID LB colors from the Monarch Vivid Mixing System that you want to use for your custom Pantone color. The system offers a range of high-opacity, bright colors that provide excellent coverage on dark garments without the need for an underbase. Choose the colors that best match your desired Pantone shade.
  2. Utilize the provided Stark LB Neutral Base to modify and adjust the colors as needed. This neutral base allows you to create various color variations and blending options, providing endless possibilities for your custom Pantone creations.
  3. Mix small amounts of the chosen colors and the neutral base in separate clean containers. Gradually add the colors to achieve your desired hue, making sure to mix thoroughly after each addition. Keep track of the exact proportions of each color used for future reference.
  4. Perform a print test of your custom Pantone color on a sample fabric to ensure it matches your desired shade. Make any necessary adjustments to achieve the perfect color.
  5. Once you have achieved the desired custom Pantone color, record the exact measurements of each color used to replicate it accurately for future print runs.

Screen Printing on Press with Monarch Vivid Mixing System Colors:

  1. Prepare your screens by coating them with emulsion suitable for plastisol inks. Choose a mesh count appropriate for the level of detail in your design.
  2. Set up your screen printing press and load the screens onto the appropriate print heads. Ensure proper alignment for multi-color designs.
  3. Place the garment on the printing platen, ensuring it is flat and securely positioned.
  4. Stir the VIVID LB ink thoroughly before use to achieve consistent color and texture.
  5. Use a squeegee with a 70° – 80° durometer for optimal ink application.
  6. Flood the screen with ink and ensure it fully covers the design area.
  7. Lower the screen onto the garment and apply even pressure as you pull the squeegee across the screen in a smooth, fluid motion.
  8. Lift the screen carefully to reveal the printed design. Repeat the process for each color in your design, ensuring proper registration.
  9. After printing, transport the garment to the conveyor dryer for curing.
  10. Set the conveyor dryer temperature to 320 degrees Fahrenheit, the standard curing temperature for VIVID LB colors. Ensure the garment remains inside the dryer for at least a minute and a half to achieve complete curing and optimal durability.
  11. After curing, perform a stretch test by pulling and flexing the printed area to ensure the ink does not crack and is fully cured onto the garment.
  12. Store and handle the printed garments following the recommended temperature guidelines to preserve the quality of the print.

With the Monarch Vivid Mixing System, you have the tools to create custom Pantone colors with accuracy and reliability. Screen printing with VIVID LB colors ensures vibrant, high-opacity prints that stand out on dark garments, leaving a lasting impression. Follow the provided instructions for storage, handling, curing, and stretch testing to achieve exceptional results with Monarch Vivid inks. Enjoy the versatility and performance of VIVID LB Colors, where brilliance and accuracy converge for extraordinary screen printing endeavors.

Storage Instructions:

To ensure the longevity and optimal performance of Monarch Vivid LB Inks, it is essential to follow proper storage guidelines:

Room Temperature Storage: Store the ink containers in a cool and dry environment at room temperature. Avoid exposing the ink to extreme temperatures, such as freezing or high heat, as this can negatively impact the ink’s consistency and printing properties. Avoid Direct Sunlight: Keep the ink away from direct sunlight or strong UV light sources. Prolonged exposure to sunlight can cause the ink to gel in the container and lead to undesirable changes in consistency. Avoid Warm Temperatures: Monarch Vivid LB Inks are low-cure inks, and exposure to warmer temperatures can cause gelling, making it challenging to print or even ruin the product. Prevent storing the ink in areas prone to excessive heat. Proper Sealing: Always ensure that the ink containers are tightly sealed after each use. This prevents air and contaminants from entering the containers, maintaining the ink’s quality and preventing premature drying or thickening. Regular Inspection: Periodically check the ink containers for any signs of spoilage, contamination, or change in consistency. If any abnormalities are detected, refrain from using the ink and contact the manufacturer or supplier for assistance. By following these storage instructions, you can prolong the shelf life of Monarch Vivid LB Inks and maintain their smooth texture and printing properties, ensuring exceptional results for your screen printing projects. Remember, proper ink storage is essential for achieving consistent and high-quality prints.

Note: Always follow safety guidelines and wear appropriate protective gear when working with plastisol ink and using conveyor dryers. Proper ventilation in the printing area is essential to minimize exposure to fumes.

Before proceeding with the printing process, it is crucial to perform a test on a sample garment using all inks from the Monarch Vivid LB Blending System. Testing the inks on a sample garment ensures that the color remains consistent during the curing process and in the days following printing.

Please note that River City or any affiliated entities are not responsible for any issues related to dye migration or incorrect use of this product. It is the user’s responsibility to conduct proper testing and adhere to recommended guidelines for the best printing results.

We highly recommend performing a wash test and evaluating the cured print’s color stability before mass production. This precautionary step will help you achieve the desired print quality and minimize the risk of any unforeseen color changes.

By following our guidelines and performing thorough testing, you can ensure a successful printing experience with the Monarch Vivid LB Blending System. Your satisfaction is our priority, and we are confident that our premium inks will deliver outstanding results when used correctly. Happy printing!


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